Friday, October 9, 2009

TGIF !!!

I am so glad this week is over.I hope next week is better for us.
Deanna is doing much better...ok she was until she slipped on the steps outside and scraped her knee.Poor kid cant win.
We were supposed to go to the Zoo tonight and my knee is acting up.It popped many times and swelled up.So we are home.No Zoo for us.I hope Kim and Kate and the kids had fun.
Alot of sweet things came in this week for the store and most are listed already.I got a new Luvion monitor like this
The weather is nice and cold and the fire is going alot.I really love this time of year.The colors,the foods.I love love love pumpkin soup.I think I will make some tomorrow.The kids started fall break so there is some fun planned for the break.
Next week should be fun....more on that later.

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