Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deanna update

Now that we are settled a bit here is what she says happened
she had been biking home from school and was coughing.She walked a bit and then started again.She passed a jogger that was going the same way as her.Then she remembers the dr and police there.When they called hubby it was all a mess and because the dr was on scene it freaked everyone out.She is ok.bruised,sore and her ego took a hit.Not only did I get after her but the dr and nurses and EMTS as well.She had NO helmet on..why you ask since I am such a carseat/childrens safety freak because she thought it would not happen to her.I posted her pics on FB per her request and if you want to see them I can copy them here.
She has learned a lesson the hard way and nothing makes it worse than your 6 year old sister sitting on your bed or following you saying "See Deanna you should have worn a helmet"
Then to top it off they cut off her backpack(was not her jjb) well my backpack but I dont care about that.They cut her hair for some reason so a hair cut is due before back to school.Dr tommorow for some blood tests etc to see whats up.
and the next thing is
someone STOLE her bike !!!!
yes it was locked and beside the bike trail where the police put it and some jerk stole it.....needless to say she wont be riding a bike for some time to come.

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