Monday, October 5, 2009

Deanna's accident

Well I am greyer now but here is what happened

Deanna is going to be ok.
We got a call from an EMT that the emergency dr was on scene( they only do this if they think the person wont make it to the hospital) and that she was hit by a car.She was on her way home from school on her bike.
She wasnt thank goodness but passed out.We dont know why but will be at the dr in the morning.She has some pretty nasty road rash on her face,a sprained hand and some nasty bruises.
She got her behind chewed by the nurse,dr and me for not wearing a helmet.
She was scared and will be ok


Melinda said...

oh my gosh, I'm glad she's ok!!

Kami said...

Oh Missie what a horrible thing to have to deal with! I'm happy to hear that she's going to be okay! Praying that God will bring her a speedy recovery from the bumps and bruises she received ...