Friday, September 11, 2009

TGIF !!!

It is friday again and I sure hope things are changing.We went after my meds yesterday and to the zoo and it was nice fall weather.I love this time of year.Saturday Mack has riding lessons and then we will clean out rooms to move...where we dont know yet as things change so often.It feels like a roller coaster and I will update soon.


Kami said...

TGIF indeed :)

You are continually in my prayers as you begin this new chapter of your lives! Definitely keep us updated - I love hearing from you!

Unknown said...

Hi there! i was drawn to your blog (on mckmama's blog, i think) because my best friend lives in Denmark. I have enjoyed hearing your story and good luck on your move. I am in Texas and am planning my next trip over to Denmark in October. Check out my blog if you have time!