Friday, September 12, 2014

First Day of Our Journey

Today was the first day and it went off with all the bangs and hitches I would expect in our world HAHA. Soren finally got everything packed and ready to go after he washed my truck :) I love you and thank you babe. and it was after 1pm then. It was hard seeing him go but I know it is what is best for us at this time. He called about 3pm and let me know he was coming back to town because the truck was shaking. After 3 hours he was back on the road with yet another set of new tires( we just got new tires on it 2 weeks ago) . They said the ones we had on it were defective.
I got the girls and they were hoping Daddy was home but are doing ok with it. Deanna is here so it made things a little different since it was not a normal routine night but we will get it straight. We were late with showers,homework and bedtimes but I am sure as time goes on it will smooth out.
I am hoping I keep getting stronger and feel better every day so I can do this ( pray for me on that please )
Makayla was the saddest and she let us know by her entry

and then here is part of Soren's entry for Sept 9 2014
The drive from Victoria TX to Santa Rosa, NM. It was pretty close to 600 miles from Victoria to the NM border, going through San Antonio and around Lubbuck.
I saw many things along the way, the "mountains" just after San Antonio, there was bisons grassing on a field (fenced in). There was some to alot of trafic till about 8pm there after it died out. There are many straight roads, that goes on for miles.
There was a lot of lightning where at time the whole sky was lit up. There was heavy rain.
I like the Texas roads better, better maintaining and most had 75 mph speed limits some even 80 mph, in New Mexico the highest so far is 65 mph

I made it safely to Santa Rosa, NM.

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Lena (luvmycrzylife) said...

Poor sweet girl :(
Lifting you in prayer!