Monday, January 23, 2012

Chill Out People !

I thought this was a great picture for Monday :) and to let you all know I have this packing and moving thing under control.It is crazy but we love crazy right ??

We are packing for our move to an apartment with a 3 month lease (notice the time there ) and going through every single thing we own and will not use in that time period.
We have narrowed down where we want to live but I am not entirely sure about it.
They are all awesome places but all lack one major thing.The beach and I really really really need a beach.
We are all excited about it and a little scared as this is a huge huge move for my hubby and the little girls .He has lived in Denmark all his life and the girls as well.they are all very happy to be near Mimi and Poppi though.
Well before the crew catches me I should get back to cleaning out the closet and I will catch you on the flip side :)

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