Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Carry on !

I got this picture from Facebook Here

This is so true and this is what we always do.No matter how much I complain or whine or feel cheated we just carry on.
Someone who was to ..well who knows why they wont leave a name but anyway they went on to say it is my fault the way things are.I am to blame LMAO
Yea I bring on all the stupid people in Denmark and beg them to treat me like shit. I think I am one of the most non negative people out there.
No matter what happens we keep on going. This blog is my vent and well if you don't like my venting you are more than welcome to move along.
I will NOT blow sunshine and unicorns up you ass to make you happy.
So with that I shall move along and have some breakfast and a new medicine later.


Melinda said...

My Grandmother had a saying....
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and everyone thinks theirs doesn't stink

Eloquent? No? She was a french Canadian, what do you expect.

Carry on Sista, vent away.

ps how are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

That pic made me smile this morning! Don't let the anoym's get to you... they only read the words on the screen and don't get to know the writer behind them.
And frick... people who live their lives in constant pain (from 1 to 10) have a right to be a little bitchy now and than.. but most I know incl. myself are a bit' cracked and have an upbeat personality...
soft hugs my friend.
(and a bottle of svedka to swig your new meds with)