Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walk in my Shoes

Do you have someone in your life that is the most judgmental person in the world?
I am so sick of people judging me on looks.I know I do not "look" sick but some days I can barely lift my head.If we have something to go to that day we cancel and sometimes I do not know days in advance if I am going to be sick.
So please if you know someone that is sick learn about their illness and try and be a friend.
Do you have any idea what chemo does to ones body? It makes you feel like crap.On top of feeling like crap it makes you so tired you can barely walk across the room.
I went to the Dr to get permission to travel and he has been talking with other Dr's here about my case.It seems my case of Lupus is non responsive.That means that the medications that should help me are not working and I keep getting infections and having more pain than any one person should.
I am so glad I get to go on this trip as it is a much needed one but I am looking forward to getting back and getting on the right meds to feel human again.
So if you know someone that is ill please walk with them and learn about what is making them so miserable before judging them


The Urban Chicken Keeper said...

That is TOTALLY true! Disability/illness are not totally visable from the outside & you NEVER know. And (as you know Missie) those of us who deal with chronic debilitating illness must some days just DO it, no matter how we feel - sometimes it's a special outing with out children or family, an MD appointment, work, etc. This doesn't mean the pain is any better - it just means we budgeted our energy to do something that MUST be done. It's our energy & we are allowed to budget as we see fit...sorry friends, family ALWAYS gets 1st dibs at that budget. TRUE friends understand. Heck, TRUE friends call & see what they can do to help on bad days! HUGS MISSIE!!! Enjoy your vacation!

Melinda said...

Hello my friend! I'm thinking about you.