Sunday, September 18, 2011

Disgusted with my Inlaws

And I do not care if they read this by some miracle.

On September 29-2011 it is Grandparents day at school.Our girls both go to the same school Deutschen Privatschul

We are so proud of both of them for being tri-lingual and all.
So Makayla (3 years old) colored invitations for her Grandparents.
My Dad called the day theirs arrived and said they would have to decline..we know that as they are 6000 miles away.
Here is where is disgusts me.Hubby calls his Mom and asks if she received hers and she says yes but she is NOT coming(WTF!?!?)
Yea she is NOT coming because she says they don't know her umm ok
Then she tells hubby oh yea your Dad called ( they have been divorced 15 years and he is remarried) and said to tell you he is NOT coming either since he does not know them well either.
HELLO it is your own fault you don't know them.Try spending some time with them and you will know them.
Ok that would all be fine and dandy but it is not our fault they do not know the inlaws. They never want to come see us or do anything with us at all.
I do know the Grandparents are the ones loosing out as the kids are awesome.
These are the only Grandkids they will ever have as hubby is an only child.
It breaks my heart that they could give a crap less and all the while MY parents talk to the kids almost every single day.
A friend has offered to go be with the girls that day so they are not alone.
We need adopt a grandparent here or something


Fuzzy said...

Pretty typical, from what I read. I really don't know WTF is wrong with some people!

Anonymous said...

Oh, excuse my French, by the way!

TxMissie said...

It was sad for Makayla.I went and I am glad because all the other kids had someone with them