Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little update on Deported UDLST

I received notice from my lawyer in April that I was given a resident permit for 5 years.Yea odd huh.I want to think they feel bad for all the crap they caused in our life but I know that is not the case.So I sign the little card and send it back ASAP and wait..and wait and wait.I finally called them as did my Lawyer and they seem to have lost the card or it was damaged when something happened at the plant(I am guessing lost it) I was told it was on the way.Then
weeks ago I get a NEW card and they need NEW pictures because it is gone,lost,mia and if I want my card I have to send all new pictures etc.
So now I am playing the waiting game AGAIN.
This all started in May/June 2009 and I am still waiting.
The good thing is the kiddlets are not keeping a bag packed anymore and are thriving in their new German school.