Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Dear Deanna

wow it has been 18 years.....
You have been many places and seen many things in your life.
I have so many things to say yet I do not know HOW to say them.
You have been my Barney loving baby that now loves vampires.I am proud to say I introduced you to them :)
You have gone from a small town girl to a world traveled young woman.
We have our ups and downs and further downs but we have our good times and I want to believe you listen(sometimes anyway).
I am proud of the things you want to do in life and see the hardships of others around you and see the hardships of what they went through.
My Miss Deanna you can be a real pain in the behind but we(Søren and family) love you..I Love You and do not ever forget that.
No matter what happens or what you do we are here..shoulders,ears no matter what path you choose.We will be here for what ever you need as you embark on the new travels that await you.
It makes me beam with pride that you are of legal age to drink and you choose NOT to.
It makes me beam with pride that even though all other teens are having babies you do NOT want any for a long time.
It makes me beam with pride that you want to further your education.
I think you have what it takes and you know what you want so go for it.....
Little Miss




Deanna's cake


Lindsay said...

What a great cake!!! I hope she had a fantastic birthday!

Ashley said...

That was so sweet! It made me flashforward 16 years to the day I'm planning my own sweet girl's 18th birthday party. Okay, now I'm gonna go steal some snuggles from her and my four-year-old. =)

Anonymous said...

The cakes are awesome. She grew up so fast.

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