Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long OverDue Update

Well things have been a bit crazy here and nice at the same time.
On July 2 I fell and landed on my shoulder and hit my knee.I have been to the Dr every week since then because I am still in alot of pain.They checked for a blood clot in my leg but it is alot of muscle damage so just taking more time to heal.My shoulder was bad before I fell and I had been getting shots in it so the fall did not help.
Last friday they checked again and there is alot more damage than they thought.I need a MRI first and then they will decide if they can do surgery or not and if it will help.I am just sick and tired of this disease running amass in me.I hurt so much all the time.

On a better note the weather has been pretty good and we have been spending alot of time outside and at the beach.We had guests over for the weekend and the girls had a blast playing together.


Melinda said...

Feel better soon Missie!!

Keli said...

Hope you feel better soon. Nice weather helps, I am sure.

TxMissie said...

Thanks I do feel a little better :) a Mac book pro found its way to me :)