Saturday, June 5, 2010

I need overhaulin!!

I have been in alot of pain lately.Way more than normal.So I went to see my new Rheumy and I really like him.He tells me silly German sayings and when we translate them it makes it even funnier.
This time I went in because every joint in my body hurt and I can not turn my neck.
He did a scan on my right hand and right shoulder and there was a lot of disease activity and it was mostly black.He said this is not a good sign and then gave me a shot.
The shoulder is calcified and I am over using some tendons and the disease activity was high as well.So I got another shot there.
He will not do all the shots at once because that would be to much for me.I cannot use the joint for 24 hours and OMG it made me sick this time.
My wrist still hurts and I am hoping the pain goes away soon.
Next week I will get shots in the neck/back or left side.
I also get a MRI and xrays this week to see how bad the damage is since the last time I had them times


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Big gentle hugs missie!
I hope your stress level can come down greatly and maybe that will send it into remission for a turn.

Margo said...

Sorry to hear this Missy. You are a real trooper!

Mary said...

Hope the shots (OUCH!) help. I can't imagine being in pain most of the time, but I'm a big wimp!
I have a friend who's dealing with immigration, trying to get her British husband to the US...what a pain!

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

o hope you feel better

Lacey Fowler said...

Thanks great blog postt