Friday, June 25, 2010

50 Years and more this weekend

This is a very Special weekend around here.
My parents have been married 50 years today !!!!!
I admire them so much and they have taught me so much about marriage and being a partner with someone.My parents are a great couple and work very well together.They are funny and loving and taught me to work hard for what I want in life.
My Mom is Betty,Mom and Mimi,She loves volunteering at the hospitals and playing bunco and cards but most of all the loves Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right.She sleeps through alot of it so its good my Dad tapes it for her.I love the fact that she saw Elvis as a teenager in concert and about 15 years ago she went to a George Straight concert...she didnt ask me to go but thats ok :)
My that is a good one.That man is amazing.He turned 70 and bought himself a Harley...silly man.He loves it though and it makes me sad he might not be able to ride much longer.He is a hard working man that loves the outside.His garden and yard are awesome.He also walks 5 miles a day and goes to Walmart every day for bananas.HE crack me up.
I am very sad that due to immigration things I am not home with them to celebrate.They are having a big party and we will be there in spirit.Here are a few pics of them.
I asked my Dad for a picture in nice clothes when I was home in 2004
This weekend is also MY anniversary to Søren.On June the 27th 2002 we married at the mayors office here in Denmark.
We also had a church blessing since we were already married on June 25th 2005.
It is a great weekend see:)
Here is our wedding picture from 2005


Mary said...

I know you hate not being there for your parents. Hope the immigration thing goes quickly!

Margo said...

Happy Anniversary!