Thursday, May 20, 2010

I got deported!?!?!

I got deported and so we have emailed and called whom ever we thought could help.I moved here 9 years ago in august.This is the letter we sent out.

"My name is Melissa Straarup and I have been deported.I must leave by oct 7 2010.
The reason I am being deported is that I dont speak danish and I have
not worked out side the home for 2 1/2 years.
I have a danish husband and a 6 year old and 2 year old half danish
children.Below is the letter sent to the immigration department.
To Whom it May Concern

I recieved permission to live in denmark in oct 2002 and at this time
I was assigned a case worker.I was admitted to language school in nov
2002 and tested and then was to start classes in march.At this time I
was pregnant 7 months and was having trouble.I have severe Rhumatoid
Arthritis and Lupus.I was not able to handle school at this time and
so I left with a medical leave.I had a bad lupus flare and was not
able to start again until fall 2004.I went for awhile and then had to
leave again.I decided to try again in fall 2006 when our daughter
started børnehave.I was going but it is very hard for me to write
alot or sit very long so I purchased a laptop since I was told the
Vejen kommune would not help me.I bought one and was returning to
school in jan 2007.At this time I was sent away and told because I was
here 3 years I could not attend school.In march we moved so I tried a
new kommune asking for help etc.I was sent to EUC in Sonderborg.I was
able to pass the test there and started classes.they sat me in front
of a computer identifying items.I am beyond that and wanted to learn
to speak danish.I once again left very frustrated as no one in the
kommune would help me get work or school.I ever tried to get into SDU
but could not because I dont speak danish.I have since started my own
company in hopes to help support my family.I love living here and have
been married 8 years.I have 2 children born here and one that is 17
that moved here in 2006.She loves it as well and is fluent in danish
and is attending HTX.I have never met with a case worker and feel
cheated a bit.I want to learn the language but cant.I tried the
mothers club but after 3 meetings of just sitting there no one called
me for a 4th meeting.I was a member a KFUM scouts and we are starting
back again now as out daughter is joining and we are inactive members
of the rovers but will be going back as well.Everyone else I know
gets a case worker and someone keeps up with them but not me.I never
got one past the first meeting.I have never taken any money from the
kommune and wont.
Melissa Straarup


Shelle said...

Oh no!! What can you do now?! I hope you are able to fight this Missie!

Melinda said...

wow! I hope you get some help with this!! We are a 'blended' family, I'm Canadian and my husband is American. Good luck Missie!

Fuzzy said...

Melissa, I don't know you, but read your post at Foreigners in Denmark.

I am so sorry for this mental anguish caused by heartless Danish authorities, and hope that you and your family will take this to the European Court on the grounds of human rights violations.

Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't even matter whether you speak Danish or not. You are married to a Dane, have Danish children and have lived in this dump for 9-years. What the hell business is or their

I hope you have the energy to fight this. The media would be a good place to start.

Good luck.

DreaminginDanish said...

I second going to the media. Firstly, they are always looking for stories and second, I have seen quick responses to the stories that are put on air. This is crazy. You have two small children that you can't leave behind. Email the regional television station!

Anonymous said...

We're spreading the story! Be strong, this is crazy, they can't do this to you!

Anonymous said...!/group.php?gid=121425097889388&ref=ts
join the stand on Facebook and lets help keep my mom in Denmark.

kelly said...

Rooting for you. It looks like the kommune have made some errors and if you make a stink, they'll realise that. xx

Tina said...


I am so sorry you are going through this..this is CRAZY!!!!!

Stay strong, I know this stress cannot be good for your health.

Praying for you....


TxMissie said...

thanks guys.I am tired but I will update in the morning

Anonymous said...

Hello Mellisa
I came to Denmark for the first time in 2001 from Toronto.The rules where very different at that time. From what i understand, they didn't change immigration legislation until the beginning of 2003 or later even. You should have been entitled to permeant residence after 3 years or if not, you should have received it by now, as you would now have now passed the 7 year restriction. If you haven't passed the PD3 test and not worked, i am presuming that that would be their grounds for deportation. They are extremely strict with those aspects of integration.
Maybe you should pay for a private tutor at a private school. You can also try KVUC. I don't where you live but VUC has schools all over DK. Its offers danish for adult foreigners for free or very little. Good luck.