Monday, April 19, 2010

The Ultimate Blog Party 2010 AFTER-PARTY!

I had such a blast checking out new blogs and meeting new friends.Here are just a few I went to:
will def be back to this one
awesome stuff here
loved reading here
I cannot wait to read some of the others blogs that joined in.There were just to many to list.I am also a lucky winner.See you soon and thanks for stopping by


Tina said...


hey girl..I looked at all your pictures the other day....the kids are getting so big.

I cannot believe Stinky is growing up so fast...Happy Birthday to her....

I still lurk...and read...on fellowship..just don't say anything anymore..heart feelings...long big deal. I was so happy to hear that hubby got the job and the new car....see I am keeping up with the people I came to know and love and care about.

When are you guys coming to Texas? You need to at least call me...I have unlimited long distance so we could at least talk on the phone while you are here....


Tina said...

meant hurt feelings not heart feelings....urggggggggg

TxMissie said...

aww,I was wondering where you went.I have a Texas line here in DK :) so you can call when ever you want