Monday, April 5, 2010

Cha Cha Changes....

When we moved we tossed or donated so much stuff it is unreal.I dont like clutter and it gets on my nerves.I am also sick and tired of the food my kids waste.Soooooo cha cha changes are coming starting today.I have been saying it for some time that I am going to toss it if I havent used it in 6 months or if the clothes have not been worn in a long time.I also want to calculate what we spend on food and household stuff for a month.If anyone has a system they use please share with me.
So today we will take inventory of the food we have and start with how much money it is worth.
Then everyday write down what we spend on food.
Wish us luck

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Shana said...

Oh my! Good luck, ha!