Sunday, March 21, 2010

Landlord update

For those of you lucky enough to hear me complain about all this for the last few months THANK YOU for listening.
We made an appointment with LLO and asked questions about our rights and what we needed to do etc to keep our sanity.
The landlord is changing Real Estate places and they want to come in and have a look so we needed some ground rules since the last visits crossed personal boundries.
These are the things we addressed in a letter

cannot tell us what to hang on walls and cannot not tell us we cannot
have candles in windows
cannot move trash to front of house
cannot look in windows any more or police will be called
showing of house must be with 5 days notice and it must be ok with
us.(cannot demand it be a certian day )
cannot open drawers or closets EVER
when the house is sold after the 90 day take over the new owners must
notify us in writing they will be moving in and we have one year!

So we had it all printed and ready to go and he stopped by this morning before we mailed them.
Soren had a talk with him and it has been mostly worked out.I am so glad he agreed to fridays only for showings as it makes it much easier on me.
I seriously dont see anyone wanting to buy a house and then wait 15 months to move in though.I hope we get to buy it first :D


Lindsay said...

I hope you get to buy it first, too. That must be such a relief!

MPdaCNA said...

Wow! I'm amazed that the Landlord would agree to the stipulation of Selling the house and the new owner not taking occupancy for a year. I don't think it's something I've ever heard of. Don't you have Landlord regulations in Denmark or in the City you live in? We have some pretty consistent regulations here on what landlords can and cannot do.

Anonymous said...

thats what LLO is for to tell the landlords what they can and cant do to people

TxMissie said...

LLO is the renters union and advised us of the laws.It is the law that if he sells it we have to be notified by the new owners once they get the keys that they want to move in:)
He was trying to get us to sign a paper that we would leave in oct and we need a indefinite lease for immigration