Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Paddy's Day

The sun was shining again today and guess what I have tulips coming up!?!
Spring is on the way.Tomorrow I will wash all the winter road salt off my car and clean out the inside from salt/dirt etc and get it all spiffy again.
The kids are enjoying school and having fun in the sun.
Mack is getting bored at school and someone is taking her snack and water bottle.She is
a bit scared to tell the teacher.I think Mama Bear is taking over ASAP since she is coming home hungry.
Miss Stinky aka Makayla is ever growing and being a little girl instead of a baby.She is opinionated and head strong ummm stubborn like her daddy mommy.
Deanna is doing great so far and just ready for spring.
Sørens job is going great as well.


Melinda said...

Happy St Patricks day!! Did you drink some green beer? Glad the fam is doing well!

Lindsay said...

Glad you're getting some spring finally :) Hope you get your new washer soon!

TxMissie said...

No green beer here :)
Lindsay it was 57!?!?! I was so excited today lol