Friday, February 19, 2010


It has been one of those kinds of weeks.The Kids were out of school and it has done nothing but SNOW.IF I never see another snowflake I would be very happy.No such luck as it is going to snow all week.Oh well spring is out there somewhere.
Mack is getting really good at cleaning her room and having chores.She is becoming such a prissy young lady.
Deanna starts all new classes this week and is kinda worried about it.She will be fine as long as she asks questions.
Makayla has learned something new.When she doesnt like what you do or say she hisses at you with her little hands up like claws.It is so funny to see.
Soren went for an interview yesterday and they called him back today.They want him to take a personality test.I hope he gets the job.


Tina said...


I agree...TGIF....

I'm ready for spring....when does the weather change there? I saw the pics of the snow...WOW!

Hope your hubby gets the job...sending good thoughts your way...How is the sore going?

Have a great weekend...


Keli said...

I think we are all ready for spring. I don't think I remember any year in the past that I was soooo ready for it to get here.

Hope hubby get the job. I never understood those personality tests, what could they possibly reveal.