Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me !

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It is my birthday and what a day.We had planned on guests coming and staying over for mexican food and margarita's.Well that changed when Miss Mack woke up at 2 am sick.I felt so bad for her.It was a great day though.We spent the day together and I had many many birthday wishes from all my friends.(on facebook,on fellowship and emails).I felt so happy to have so many people think of me.
I got some pretty neat gifts.Soren got me a travel iron.Those that know me and my OCD will understand but still chuckle at it.Mack drew me some pictures and Makayla via Daddy got me some pretty flowers.Deanna and Mack made me a gift basket of candy,a beer,bottle of soda,bottle of water,bag of chips and other little things.
I made dinner and then some drinks and since we have so much snow I chilled the margaritas in the snow..see it is helpful after all.
Here are some pics

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Anonymous said...

aww too cool mom...glad your day was great we love you