Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost there but felt like monday.

We ordered the cash register yesterday.I am so excited to get it.They are programming it as we speak...but today felt like a monday.No really it did
Let me tell you about it.
We took Mackenzie to visit her new school this morning.We dropped of Makayla and headed out.The kids seemed to like her but she didnt want to stay today.She will start after the holidays.
We came back home and I just started eating breakfast and the new landlord called.The guy was there to lay the fiber for internet so off we go (about a 15/20 min trip).
Realize I have left some things at home I go back and get them and Deanna since she is out of school early.
We just got back and ordered lunch when the daycare called.Stinky was fevered and not very active..so we go back home and get her.I stay home and Soren goes back after the other kids.I am soooooo staying home tomorrow

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Tina said...


I know you must be so excited...

Hope your little one is feeling better soon....