Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another week

is gone.Where are they going and why so fast.Christmas stuff is everywhere.In the stores,on the radio and in the newspaper ads.
It is that time of year I guess.
On another note and huge ice chest arrived via a delivery service like UPS...and guess what was in it!!!!
ice?? nope
food?? nope
Medicine ???? Yes!!!My meds arrived and I am so happy.
It was full of cold packs and 4 months worth of shots.Mack was very impressed with it.
I ma just glad to be getting them again and start feeling better.The only down side is they sent 25mg instead of 50mg so I get 2 shots a week instead of one.Oh well I am used to sore thighs allready.
I was dx with Tachycardia and will continue on beta blockers.Even though it bothers me and is sometimes painfull they dont feel like it is life threating at this time.

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