Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excuse me while I complain a bit

I have a little venting to do so bear with me.
I use facebook,twitter and I blog.I put lots and lots of info out there about our lives.Where we go,what we do etc.I read alot of blogs and try to keep up on FB and twitter.
So back to my complaining.I dont understand why someone would un-friend someone if they dont answer them in the first 2 hours on FB.
Someone did this to me recently...excuse me my Gramma had just passed away and/or maybe just maybe I was spending time with my kis and not online.And another thing if you say you read my blog and FB and twitter then why on this green earth would you ask me if we are all moved in??????
If you did actually read all these things or even one you would know what happened...
and on to the next one.Why text message me about something and then when I call back you never answer
Let me answer that one for use me.I am only your "friend" when you need me to order stuff for you from the USA or you want something super discounted from my store....
Well I am done with people like that.
I treat my friends like I want to be treated.If you need an ear,shoulder or my shirt just ask.I am there for you....always.
I love doing nice things for people and I dont need something in return ever but maybe a nice thanks or something.

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Melinda said...

I understand what you are saying! Have you noticed as we get older we have no time for 'frienemys'
and games