Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daycare in Denmark

I want to say I love where Makayla goes to daycare.I never sent my kids before 3 while in the USA and Mack went to daycare at 2.6 in denmark.I hated all but one place Mack went.I wanted someone to cuddle and hold my kids like I would.I wanted/want some one to treat Makayla like I/we do and would.I found them :).It is a dream.I was worried at first since she is my baby but I got a good feeling when we visited.She has been there since aug 1st and loves it.They love her and hold her like we do.The week of the 21 she started napping there and did fine( I was a mess the first day).This week she went in the car...those who know me understand my nature....but we installed her MA and did great.Makayla chatters about Im(Kim) and Ate( Kate) and I hope that we get to stay here.
I know affordable daycare is an issue in the USA and I wish they had our system.
I am just glad I/we found someone to love Makayla like we do.

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Kami said...

It really is a huge blessing to find good daycare! So glad to hear that yours is so wonderful :)