Friday, October 23, 2009

17 years ago.....

I was 2 weeks over due and went to the hospital at 3 am.I packed up my 7 and 5 year old and called my mom and dad and off we went to the hospital.I was dilated 8 and walked in on my own(this is a freaky thing).Any how 20 minutes later Deanna Elizabeth was bornhere she is at 9lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.She plays my patience alot of days but I love her dearly.Last weekend her sister Des and BIL(brother in law) got her a basket of american goodies that she misses.Today when I got home there was a vanilla coke by my computer.
convo follows
Me: Whats that?
Deanna: a soda for you.
Me: Why?
Deanna :because you tolerate me and have not well ya know gotten rid of me yet.
She tries my patience and leaves me with one nerve but I love her and so does everyone here
Happy Birthday Deanna!!!!!!!


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Kami said...

Happy Birthday Deanna ... aren't all of our frustrating little babes so completely wonderful?! :)

Anonymous said...

you made me cry mom ....i remember that night very well