Saturday, August 15, 2009

The week of firsts

It has been an emotional week of firsts around the Straarup household.I will start with Deanna...she started danish highschool is a year later than american high school so she is almost 17.She will be there 3 years.Next up is Miss Mack.She started Danish Kindger.They will test her these first weeks and see if she needs to be moved up.It is not that she is some super child but she is bilingual and can speak and write in 2 languages and speak some german as well.Macks other first was riding lessons.We were supposed to start her 3 years ago and we just got to it.She is loving both.Now for the biggest first.Miss Makayla or Stinky as she gets called started daycare.I have never ever taken my babies to daycare this early.Mack was started at 2.6 and that was killer.I like where she goes and the couple that takes care of her are awesome but man was it hard.The first day she cried so hard and then when we picked her up she would not let me go.Each day got better and she fussed less each day.She only went a few hours a day.She really loves Kim and Kate and the other babies....I cried and cried leaving my last baby with someone else.I hope it gets better this week.


Jenn said...

of course you can have thepics -i'll send you the full sized ones :)

Melinda said...

Hi Missy! Very nice blog, I envy you having your kids in school already! Mine don't go back until Sept. 8!

TxMissie said...

Thanks.We start early here and we go until the end of june :)