Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OMG its wednsday allready

It has been a busy week again so far.Monday we found out they accepted the offer on the house woohooo.We take it over October the 1st.
I took some pictures for Ju Ju Be in real life gallery of Makayla,Macks were allready done.Here is a few
Here is Mack
It also seems the cardiologist for got to call me and they franticaly called me in tuesday.I have to wear a 7 day monitor.Well it lasted a few hours until Makayla unplugged it on accident and I have a reaction to the tape yet again.Today was fun.My mother in law and Soren(DH) and I went shopping for new kitchen stuff since we are redoing it all.We found and got this sweet stove..its huge.Here is a pic.I also found a dishwasher for 50% off.Now to find a fridge and design the cabinets :) fun stuff ahead..ohhh also found a cla leg tub to replace the non working jacuzzi tub


Melinda said...

So I'm admiring your beautiful children then I click on the link to the stove and HOLY CRAP! It's beautiful!! I love it!

TxMissie said...

I am so excited about the stove lol.We are building the kitchen around it :) ohh and thanks about the kiddos :D