Friday, August 7, 2009

The last few days.

Have been crazy.We went to Legoland wednesday and had a great time.While we were there I got a call about some new products and going to CIFF(Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) so we dropped Mack at my Mil and came home to get ready.We wanted to leave early but of course we were running late.After a 3 hour drive we arrived.There were tons and tons of new fashions for spring..some cute and some not so cute.We met some great vendors and had a great time chatting.We had a long day and long drive home since we picked up Mack on the way home.I dont have any pics since they are not allowed unless by the press.I did however find a ad for Spacebabies bedblocks that I sell in my store with my name on it in the Vøres Barn Magazine Here is a link to them.

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