Thursday, August 13, 2009

About that house

(update :
they called and went down so looks like we are still getting the house woohoo)The update is in parenthesis Des)

So if you follow me on FB or Twitter you know we found a house.It was a perfect for us house.4 bedrooms all on one floor etc.So we made an offer and recieved a letter from an attorney(this is part of an estate)so we all(us and the attorney) assumed they accepted the offer.2weeks later we were called by the real estate agent and he informed us that the offer was not accepted.So we get another letter saying they are meeting with their attorney this week.Yesterday we got a call with a counter offer.These people wont budge even though their attorney advised them to accept it.Let me explain how the system works here with estates.If a house is in an estate the heirs have one year to sell it.If it doesnt sell they then have to purchase it so the estate can be closed.This house has been on the market since the start of feb and no one has even looked at it.....oh well off to find another not so perfect house

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