Monday, June 29, 2009

A new week

Today starts the process of the many many phone calls that need to be made regarding the house.We need someone to come and clean it top to bottom(it stinks like ciggy smoke very badly),carpet and a new kitchen(yes!!!).This is going to be fun because I have never designed my own kitchen but I love love love to cook.We need estimates on finishing the store as well.
The other process that is started is the go through everything and trash or recycle what we wont ever use again.My new moto is "If you have not used it,seen it or even missed it in 6 months it needs to go" sounds good huh,I hope it works.I will post at the end of the week how things went and I hope there is some headway and not a post for Not Me Monday.
Have a great week everyone...
Oh yea I forgot to say that summer is here and all of our girls are home....

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