Friday, September 12, 2014

Better Day

Today went a lot better. They got up for school and with Deanna's help made it in time for Poppi to pick them up. I talked a lot with Soren and am a little jealous of all the things he is seeing along the way but he is taking pictures and I can see it that way :) . It was a bad day for pain as I am on my third kind of antibiotics and I am still in so much pain I want to scream .... oh wait I did and do scream. Deanna has been doing the laundry so I have not had to do that yet :) Soren washed my truck for me thursday and then it rained all day long today ..sorry babe but it was nice for a day .
Well off to get some sleep and hope I feel better tomorrow .

First Day of Our Journey

Today was the first day and it went off with all the bangs and hitches I would expect in our world HAHA. Soren finally got everything packed and ready to go after he washed my truck :) I love you and thank you babe. and it was after 1pm then. It was hard seeing him go but I know it is what is best for us at this time. He called about 3pm and let me know he was coming back to town because the truck was shaking. After 3 hours he was back on the road with yet another set of new tires( we just got new tires on it 2 weeks ago) . They said the ones we had on it were defective.
I got the girls and they were hoping Daddy was home but are doing ok with it. Deanna is here so it made things a little different since it was not a normal routine night but we will get it straight. We were late with showers,homework and bedtimes but I am sure as time goes on it will smooth out.
I am hoping I keep getting stronger and feel better every day so I can do this ( pray for me on that please )
Makayla was the saddest and she let us know by her entry

and then here is part of Soren's entry for Sept 9 2014
The drive from Victoria TX to Santa Rosa, NM. It was pretty close to 600 miles from Victoria to the NM border, going through San Antonio and around Lubbuck.
I saw many things along the way, the "mountains" just after San Antonio, there was bisons grassing on a field (fenced in). There was some to alot of trafic till about 8pm there after it died out. There are many straight roads, that goes on for miles.
There was a lot of lightning where at time the whole sky was lit up. There was heavy rain.
I like the Texas roads better, better maintaining and most had 75 mph speed limits some even 80 mph, in New Mexico the highest so far is 65 mph

I made it safely to Santa Rosa, NM.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Big Changes

So there are some big changes coming up for us. Don't worry these are great things I promise. It is going to be tough and will have bumps I am sure but we will all make it .

As you all know we have been back for a little over 2 years. Soren has tried to get work using his degree but has had a hard time since everyone wants a citizen and not just a permeant resident. He
has looked all over the USA and has had many interviews and finally he GOT one WOOOHOOO
This is a contract job and will be gone 3 to 6 months in San Jose California.
He is leaving Sept 11 2014 and this is exciting for all of us.

I am going to blog daily about our life minus Dad since it is going to be rough on us. I know  many women do this on their own all the time but our situation is a little different. Soren is my rock and he does EVERYTHING for me. He does it all even when my lupus is not flaring and waging world war in my body.  He was hesitant about leaving but I assured him that me and the girls will be ok.
We have some awesome friends here that have all stepped up and said they would help if we needed anything and my parents are here. So here we go and stay tuned for our journey.
( I will included clips of the girls and of Soren's journal as well and my entry every day )

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Mom

DSC_2705 This is my Mom and Dad. My Mom is sick again and this was taken when she was better. She is so strong and fights so hard. I hope this round kicks cancers butt and she gets well. I admire her so much because even though she is going through all this she carries on like nothing is wrong. She has been helping me since I have been sick the last month and I honestly don't know what I would have done with out her and my Dad. Love you both so much.